Ages 8 through Adult

Emphasis on technique, terminology, and movement with proper execution of isolations, rhythms, and styles performed to contemporary music. 


Ages 4-6

Focusing on coordination, imagination, rhythm, and exercises to prepare the student for classical ballet at the appropriate age

The dress code of each class depends on the style of dance.

As a general rule, we expect hair neatly tied back, appropriate shoes, and tight clothing to see the  line of the body. 

Ballet: White tights, any color leotard, ballet skirt (optional), hair neatly pulled into a bun

Tap: No jeans or baggy pants

jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical: Jazz pants, shorts, tights, or leggings with a tight fitting top or leotard

Ages 8 through Adult

Emphasis on developing and strengthening basic tap technique and terminology while highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.



Ballet En pointe

tap & Tumbling

Tap Technique


Ages 11 & Up

A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including jazz and classical ballet. Versatility and improvisation stressed.

Ages 7 through Adult

Emphasis on classical ballet skills with a focus on proper placement and alignment. Students will learn ballet terminology through barre and center floor work while building strength and flexibility.

Dress code

Ages 7 through Adult

Emphasis on technique and movement with proper execution of isolations, rhythms, and styles performed to contemporary music.

Classical Ballet


Eligible per faculty discretion

This class helps classically trained ballet dancers gain strength in order to prepare them for dancing en pointe. Focusing on building ankle strength and lift through stretches, exercises, and pilates.

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Turns, Leaps, and Flexibility

Eligible per faculty discretion

After a dancer has reached an advanced level of training, they may take their classical ballet skills to the next level by dancing on pointe shoes. This class requires immense patience, discipline, and skill as well as a dedication to the art of ballet.

Ages 12 & Up

Offered as a supplement to other technique classes, this class helps intermediate and advanced dancers improve crucial dance skills including leaps, turns, and flexibility. Helps train dancers how to stretch and practice skills on their own.


Ages 3 & Up

Self-expression, rhythm, coordination, sense of timing, technique, and terminology stressed