Recital 2018 Information

​​It's that time of year again! Please refer to this page for all the details concerned with Recital 2018.

There will be two dance recitals on Saturday, May 19th at the Plymouth High School auditorium. The first show is at 1:00pm. High School doors will open at 11:45am and Auditorium doors will open at 12:00pm. The second recital begins at 5:00pm. ALL audience members of the 1:00pm show will be asked to clear the auditorium immediately following the show (even if you plan to attend the 5:00pm show). The doors to the auditorium will be re-locked and opened again at 4:15pm for the 5:00pm show.

Children should line up in the amphitheater (behind the auditorium) before they go on stage to perform. There will be signs for the classes to meet in front of in that room. If you are a new dance family to our studio, please ask if you have any questions about where anything is. If this is not your first recital rodeo, please be courteous and helpful to anyone looking for guidance.

Tickets for the recitals will be on sale at the studio for $6 each. Audience members ages 3 and up will need to have a ticket to attend the show. You may buy tickets at the door on the day of the recital as well (same price!). A different ticket is required to attend both recitals. Dance students performing in EITHER show do not need a ticket to enter the auditorium - however, they DO need a stamp from Brittany or Harmony to show the ushers before entering. Please find Brittany or Harmony on the day of the recital for the stamp!

As always, the high school has asked that we abide by all rules of the high school and auditorium - particularly NO FOOD AND DRINK in the auditorium. There will be concessions for sale during the recitals and there is plenty of seating near the concession areas to eat. Also, please utilize the proper receptacles for trash and recycling.

NEW REQUEST***Apparently, the glitter that falls off of certain costumes can be very difficult to clean up so the high school has asked us if we can take some precautions to decrease (a LOT) the amount of glitter we leave behind. If you notice that your child’s costume is a “glitter litterer” we would suggest that perhaps you have something for your child to change into before sitting in the auditorium. We love being able to have the students sit in the auditorium to watch the parts of the recital they aren’t performing in, so in order for the high school to let us continue with that tradition we are asking for everyone’s cooperation in this case. Also, if your child likes to wear glitter in their hair, please spray it on outside or at home before arriving.

Dance pictures are scheduled to arrive by recital weekend. If you are unable to pick up your pictures for any reason before or during the recital another pick up time will need to be scheduled but please keep in mind the studio will be closed for the majority of the weeks between the recital and the start of the Summer session on June 11th.

dress Rehearsals

We WILL be having our regular dance classes IN ADDITION to the rehearsals the week leading up to the recital for the Monday and Wednesday classes. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday classes WILL NOT be having their regular classes that week and should just follow the rehearsal schedule.​

​A rehearsal schedule was handed out to the students before spring break and is also posted at the studio. Any questions, please ask!!


​Please note, some classes will be performing in BOTH recitals. These classes are BOLD and underlined.​ If your child's class(es) are performing in both recitals, and you plan to attend only one of the recitals, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to purchase tickets to the 5pm show as their will be more available seating on the lower level of the auditorium for this performance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this matter!