At the end of each year, students will perform in an end of the year recital. This gives family and friends the opportunity to see what their child has been working on all year! This is held at Plymouth High School in May. 

Brittany's School of Dance is based on professional dance principles directed at building positive attitudes, strength, character, hard work, and friendly relationships. Since the studio's establishment, Brittany's School of Dance has strived to give students a well rounded dance education. 

We take great pleasure in providing a comprehensive dance curriculum for our community. The curriculum is carefully planned so every dancer as an opportunity to succeed. Over the past 30 years, we have gained recognition for our ability to develop students into talented dancers. We recognize each dancer as an individual and focus on improving their natural talents and abilities in a fun and encouraging environment.

Our students are pushed to be the best dancer they can be and excel in all aspects of their life. Whether students want to join Ballet Company or a competition team, or just take a dance class for fun, everyone can find a home at Brittany's School of Dance!

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300 E MILL STREET, SUITE 202, PLYMOUTH, WI 53073        



End of the year recital

Dance can enhance students' lives in many ways. Not only does it help establish a healthy lifestyle, but it also encourages creativity and social engagement. Students will also gain strength, flexibility, and endurance as well as learn how to work in a team. And most importantly, dance is fun!​ 





The studio was constructed in 2011, wrapped up in the character and charm of a beautiful building right in the heart of historical downtown Plymouth. There are two dance floor spaces, the Grand Studio and The Petite Studio, to accommodate for all types of classes. The studio also offers a parent lobby with viewing windows into the dance floor areas, and separate dressing areas for ladies and gentlemen. Visitors are always welcome to stop by and see the studio during business hours.

Every year, the studio offers a workshop with a professional to add to students' understanding of dance. Previous workshops have included classes taught by: Jay Fagan, Connie Fagan, Alex Wong

Pictured at the right are some students from the advanced class hosted by Alex Wong, who previously appeared on So You Think You Can Dance.

Sue Darrow founded Sue Darrow's School of Dance in 1982, aiming to bring serious and professional dance instruction to the Plymouth community. In 1987, she established the Dancescape Ballet Company to give further opportunities for serious ballet students. The studio has always emphasized the importance of ballet training for it is the foundation of all other styles. In 2013, Brittany Thomas took over owning and managing the studio while continuing the strong traditions and high standards established by Sue Darrow.    


Benefits of Dance